4 step Lawn Care Fertilization Program

Landscape Solutions WI | March 14, 2014 | no responses.

Caring for your lawn can be overwhelming.  What do you use, when should you apply it and do you even have time to do it yourself?  Fertilization doesn’t have to be complicated and proper fertilization will help to create a stronger root system, making your lawn healthier and better able to deal with the stresses of summer including drought and foot traffic.

Landscape Solutions believes  that a 4  step lawn care fertilization program  is the most effective.  We are often asked why we use a granular fertilizer when some of our competitors use a liquid fertilizer.  We use a granular fertilizer because it is extremely effective and offers a slow release of nutrients over time, therefore requiring fewer applications.  Don’t let those other companies talk you into paying for applications than you need!

Below are the ideal times to fertilize your lawn, and what the treatments should include.

  1. The first application is done in early spring.   This treatment consists of a granular fertilizer that will help your lawn green up and recover from the winter.   We also apply pre-emergent crabgrass control which will establish a barrier that will not kill existing plants, but will prevent weeds from growing.

  2. The second application is done in late spring/early summer.  This treatment consist of a slow release fertilizer containing iron+ nitrogen, which helps improve color and density, and an application of broadleaf weed control.   This application will help prepare your lawn for the stress of summer.

  3. The third application is done in late summer.  This treatment consists of a slow release granular fertilizer and also contains broadleaf weed control.  This seasonal fertilizer will help promote a healthy root system and will prepare your lawn for fall and winter.

  4. The fourth and final application is done in late fall.  This is a slow release fertilizer for winterization of your lawn and also includes a spot treatment of weeds.

Landscape Solutions’ 4  step lawn care fertilization program is designed to keep your lawn thick, green, healthy and weed free.  Call or email today to receive your estimate.

Landscape Solutions 4 Step Lawn Care Fertilization Program


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