Fall Yard Clean-up

Landscape Solutions WI | October 16, 2013 | no responses.

It’s that time of year again. Fall clean-up time. Your lawn has been aerated and over seeded, you have done your fall planting and now it is time to start thinking about cleaning your lawn up and getting it ready for winter. Proper fall yard maintenance lowers the risk of plant diseases next spring. Here are a few steps you should take now to give your yard a head start next spring.

1. Rake leaves. This will prevent the heavy, wet foliage from suffocating the lawn.

2. Trim and prune bushes and shrubs by removing any dead or damaged stems. It is also a good time to shape and size the plant.

3. Cut down perennials within 2 -3 inches of the base of the plant. This is also the time to divide the root ball and replant any plants that have overgrown. Cutting back the plants prior to transplanting can help reduce shock to the plant.

4. Clean gutters to remove all of the leaves and branches to help prevent ice dams.

If all of this seems daunting, or you just want to relax and enjoy the season, we are here to help you prepare your lawn for winter. Call or email for more information and to receive your free estimate.



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